Foreign domain name frequently stolen law highlights gaps

Hebei Internet users Guo Jianguang registered stolen, the current domain name stolen users to $500 on the Internet bid.


when the domestic domain name to follow the prescribed order rectification swing, domestic users outside the domain is the frequent outbreak of the theft, and quickly become a hot consumer complaints. In this regard, some analysts have pointed out that, due to the fact that the real name system has not yet been managed, domestic users to buy and use overseas domain names will still face enormous risks.

security is the cornerstone of the existence of the Internet, but the theft incident on his own domain, let people see is the management of overseas domain security risks and no false information network, rampant." The face of the domain name theft caused by the loss can not be recovered, Hebei Internet users Guo Jianguang seemed angry and helpless.

security vulnerabilities easily stolen domain name

, according to Guo Jianguang, last year, he and his friends to discuss cooperation to build a service for the Guangzhou Asian Games website. For ease of management, Guo Jianguang in July last year, the domain name into a registered business in Xiamen. In accordance with the regulations, the new transfer registrar domain name is not allowed to transfer within 60 days, and there should be a high coefficient of security and password verification, etc..

but let Guo Jianguang unexpected is that just a month later, the new domain name just to be put into use, he actually found that the domain name has been stolen away. After verification, the domain name is the first stolen transferred to a registrar site in Beijing, then on the site for two times, transfer to other people, and finally to monkter, to escape the domestic public security and judicial supervision department. In the domain name transfer process is used in a number of false account information.

for the recovery of the domain name registrar, Guo Jianguang and a number of representations, the other said domain name stolen because there is a security vulnerability management system of foreign domain, resulting in CC domain can be easily transferred to steal, over the same period there are a number of very high value of the CC domain was stolen.

"registered in Xiamen business that is caused by the stolen domain name system vulnerabilities, they also try, let me find a CC domain name management agency (VeriSign also manages the global COM, NET, CC, all TV suffix)." Guo Jianguang introduced, after contact with the domain name CC headquarters, VeriSign China related staff also said that this incapable of action. At the same time, the Beijing registrar said the domain name of the company’s customers to submit their own false accounts, domain name was registered in their web site under the pirates turn and business of the company, as the domain name information is false information is the customer’s problem.

learned at the same time, Guo Jianguang reminded the domestic users, there are still many people in the high purchase and use of CC and other foreign domain, hope they can enhance vigilance, avoid the site after being stolen and suffer greater losses.

ICANN domain management has been widely questioned


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