Download the network to fill the license

domestic video site BTChina (BT China Alliance) due to the lack of "information network dissemination of audio-visual programs permit" (referred to as "license") was closed. In December 8th, the domestic well-known video sharing sites VeryCD responsible Huang Yimeng said in an interview with this reporter, "thank you care about VeryCD, we have no audio-visual license, apply to the relevant departments are." To say the website SNS positive dating sites (Note: similar to happy net) transformation of the rumors, Huang Yimeng said, "we long ago in the forum, web games and SNS, and BTChina was not aimed at the measures taken by the."

– VeryCD

to deny transformation

VeryCD is a well-known video sharing site, because its operation team is a formal company, so the impact is much greater than BTChina. As of press time reporter, the site provides a total of 25553 films, including a total of 160 thousand resources to download. The person in charge Huang Yimeng yesterday said in an interview with reporters, he has learned that BTChina was shut down, "we have not received SARFT rectification notice, but we do not network audio-visual license, apply to the relevant departments are." As for the results and the future direction of the company, Huang Yimeng said: I am not convenient to talk about this issue, and if there is anything, we will always be on the home page bulletin".

yesterday, friends found that Verycd site is vigorously promote the paradise of the SNS sector, so there are rumors that VeryCD will become a dating site. In this regard, said, we have been expanding forums, web games and other business models, SNS is also very early in the attempt, is not directed against BTChina was introduced."

– off station rumors triggered downloading frenzy

VeryCD will turn off the rumors of the station’s impact on the Internet has become quite dramatic. After many users to "the end of the month close" message, began the crazy "finally download", hoping to close the station before his love of film and television works in the computer hard disk. Download a large number, resulting in many popular resources has become a popular resource. There are users in a BBS HD plate issued an article, usually in the VeryCD download slow HD files become very popular, download speed can reach three times more than in the past.

-, and VeryCD

(Emule) point to point download software for users to use free. Compared with the BT download, it does not need to download the seed, just click on the corresponding link to download the film and television works, and VeryCD is the largest resource sharing platform. According to the announcement of the VeryCD website, said that all the content on the site are provided and managed by users, VeryCD version of the Emule has accumulated more than 30 million downloads a day, tens of thousands of users through VeryC>

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