Tencent marketing QQ WeChat version of the line can be directly bound to the public number WeChat

[Abstract] the new version of the enhanced marketing QQ client WeChat public number of the background management, Q micro combination allows enterprise marketing more efficient. Tencent science and technology news April 16th news, today’s Tencent marketing QQ WeChat version formally launched. Enhanced version of the new version of the QQ client marketing WeChat public number of background management. Previously, QQ and milepost online account to break 200 million, let us see the sign of QQ from the PC to the mobile Internet transformation, and marketing of QQ and WeChat to further open up, is the flow, make enterprise management through the QQ and WeChat two pronged platform, two legged walking mode allows more efficient marketing. When the enterprise can use the marketing of WeChat QQ version, QQ synchronization management terminal and the WeChat public number of customers, to achieve efficient management of double end customers, build enterprise marketing complete ecological chain, significantly enhance the liquidity of the PC end flow and WeChat end enterprise fans.

Tencent marketing QQ WeChat version, is a connected QQ and WeChat two instant messaging platform for users, tailored for the enterprise tailored Internet marketing management platform. The innovation of cross platform operation mechanism, the core enterprise marketing process gene into the traditional PC Internet and mobile Internet, for the enterprise from the potential customer communication, online transactions, and led to the conversion of long-term maintenance and provide systematic and efficient solutions.

increase WeChat expansion plate, Q micro combination allows companies to more efficient marketing

QQ version of the WeChat WeChat marketing in WeChat artificial consulting, user management, user tracking, WeChat WeChat track user information is stored, the mobile station based on the WeChat platform and many other public management functions in a cover image display, user communication, interactive marketing, online marketing, tracking analysis and many other aspects. Then, the enterprise without the user login page, can communicate directly in the marketing QQ client with QQ, WeChat two platform customers and realize the comprehensive operation of WeChat public platform, enhance marketing operational efficiency.

with the new version of the official website of the micro function of the industry building, micro store construction, highly customized, enterprise can vividly display the brand or product information; using two terminal access at the same time, artificial intelligence recovery and WeChat voice recognition, the communication between enterprises and customers will become more convenient and efficient; micro activities, micro vote, micro registration, micro album, micro message and other interactive services, to make up for the WeChat public platform is relatively weak interaction, so that corporate marketing creative activity; micro micro electricity supplier, group purchase, micro payment and other online sales functions, help enterprises to build efficient sales platform; micro micro investigation, statistics, user management, user search path tracking information and permanent preservation functions, will provide accurate data support for enterprise operation, to achieve the long-term development of customer maintenance.

marketing QQ WeChat version can be directly linked with the WeChat public number

unique track tracking capabilities to enhance the ability to implement mobile marketing

It is worth mentioning that QQ, WeChat

version of the sale of the release of track tracking and

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