The anti pornography office bulletin five pornographic information network transmission case

In November 25, Beijing

newspaper reporter today from the national pornography office was informed that around the recent increase the intensity of investigating the case, sentenced to a number of network dissemination of pornographic information cases, effectively deter criminals.

– Jiangsu Suqian "4· 19" network dissemination of pornographic information case. In May 2010, Jiangsu Suqian Sihong County People’s court for "4· 19" information network dissemination of pornographic case verdict, sentenced the defendant Shen was sentenced to 11 years imprisonment for 6 months, and fined 750 thousand yuan; sentenced to sumou 11 site management staff of 1 years and 3 months to 11 months imprisonment. From 2007 to 2009, the application of a for the purpose of making profits, rent 14 US network server produced a "Paradise Lost Girl" and other 13 pornographic websites, and through the website to upload pornographic pictures, more than 6.8 pieces of pornographic video 558, obscene articles 1923. In the meantime, Shen mainly to absorb the way VIP members pay for profit, the site hits more than 52 times, a total of more than 71 yuan membership remittance.

Hainan Islands duty-free countersigned program has started strategic emerging industry guidance catalogue recently introduced Japan Open HKNPL machine is expected to strongly from 3 million a year to rent jiaduobao Wanglaoji Shanghai more officials traced the subscription price of real estate Tan Yaling: governance inflation — Sichuan Ya’an "professional association network spreading pornographic information sentencing. In May 2010, Sichuan Ya’an City Intermediate People’s court ruling on the "capital network spreading pornographic information, Yemou and other 2 defendants sentenced to imprisonment for 12 years to 3 years, and fined 600 thousand yuan to 200 thousand yuan. In June 2009, Ya’an City Public Security Bureau supervisor detachment according to transfer to the clues, destroyed pornographic websites "energy-saving", Yemou captured two suspects, seized 3 vehicles involved in the computer hard disk, 2, more than 10 bank cards and other related items.

– Sichuan Meishan "1· 08" network dissemination of pornographic information case. In May 2010, Sichuan Meishan City Dongpo District People’s court for "1· 08" information network dissemination of pornographic case verdict, sentenced qiumou 3 defendants sentenced to 7 years to 5 years, and fined 6000 yuan to 5000 yuan. November 2009, qiumou through since the purchase of equipment and hire outside the server for making "energy-saving" pornographic websites sold to users, and the production and operation of "energy-saving" and "our Pavilion", "our way", "Yin Chun Tang" website. Within half a month, Qiu and other sites to sell and attract businesses to advertise on the way they operate on the site more than 2000 yuan profit.

– Jiangsu Nanjing "12· 01" network dissemination of pornographic information case. In June 2010, the Jiangsu Baixia District People’s Court of Nanjing city "12· 01" network spread pornographic information.

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