Narcissism the cost of Content Marketing Taboo

content marketing is a very broad topic, not to say clearly in two words or three, nor the 32 person can fix. Content marketing is a company’s business, not just the marketing department.

today began to break down the topic of content marketing, starting from the taboo. Today to talk about the contents of the Marketing Taboo: narcissism.


everyone have narcissistic tendencies, social networks and tuxiu show up after the release as a tendency to just get out of hand.

narcissistic people are more lonely, but also because of loneliness, so even more narcissistic, even if they do not lick their wounds for themselves, it simply do not narcissism, and direct suicide. However, to do content marketing, narcissism is equivalent to suicide.

narcissistic content marketing is self – centered content marketing, its content has two characteristics: first, the lack of media attributes, the two is far away from the audience. For example, the reorganization of the enterprise interior decoration, no media properties; the first lady of the United States to visit China, too far from the average person.

reasons are as follows:

1, the essence of narcissism is closed

WeChat sees dozens of self mad, don’t think they are bold, very open, but in fact they are closed themselves in, because no one willing and self-centered person. Everyone has a self centred instinct, everyone needs to have a sense of existence, there is a crowd of people too much emphasis on their own, everywhere flaunt themselves, it is tantamount to other people’s sense of existence declared war.

has such a story: a batch of freshmen, the first month with a group of people will always be happy to eat together, which mixed with a narcissistic. At the beginning of the second month, the narcissism was gradually recognized, because every word he said was to highlight his own. Third months, the narcissistic man finally began to eat alone.

this is a bad story.

said this bad story is to illustrate that narcissism is an isolated behavior of others, is a process of popularity around a bit forgotten.

is not popular but also to talk about marketing, where one person Psycholagny meaning. Therefore, if your content is full of "I", "we", "I", "I" and so on the first person, basically can be judged as narcissistic content. To do this is to tell people around me: don’t come near me.

like "our advantage", "our characteristics", "about us" and "I know", "enterprise culture", "success stories" and so the words, have a very strong smell of narcissism, please caution. I know you’re trying to say these things, but would you like to say something else,


2, narcissism is not good at listening to

in the present

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