China Hefei beer culture festival activities network promotion plan

beer baby network promotion and event planning program

one, demand resources: 1, the most influential local websites and forums. Such as the Hefei forum, Hefei group, Hefei bar network. 2, each site has about ID10 operable. 3, designers, writers etc..

two, website: 1, website or forum home page banner advertising. 2, to provide the exchange of sections and posts. 3, organizational activities and full coverage.

three, advertising ideas: 1, general advertising, through pictures and text as well as the effect of the introduction of the general content of the activities. To be able to attract Internet users and allow users to click to understand the details of the event. 2, interactive participation in advertising, through interesting interactive games or quiz, guide users to participate.

interactive advertising ideas: mainly baby election interaction. Q: what type of interaction to test your love of the woman! = = = "about 10 multiple-choice questions (subject requirements and easy to understand, the answer requires only selective) = = =" after the title that girls love type matches = = = "beer baby (at the same time to view the number and details of beer baby)" vote = = = = = = "copy the address at the same time, to QQ friends, simply fill in your contact information, to participate in the lottery.


activities: June 16th may be the time.

first, do not open sections and post, and advertising. Just use ID, tentative in a number of places to gather popularity, to ask and copy the contents of other places to post, while using other ID accordingly, and constantly improve popularity and ranking. Time is about 1 days to 2 days.

then, the forum administrators and moderators can cooperate accordingly, match. At the same time announced jointly, launched special edition and post, advertising. Open QQ consulting group.

third steps, the introduction of activities, domestic and foreign similar activities introduced. At the same time write beer culture knowledge and other content. Interview activities organizers, content, etc..

fourth step, in the registration process, and found a good player. At the same time announced the contestants information, intends to copy the three categories of applicants: 1, the feeling of pure student class, and the other, personality fashion class, 3, mature white-collar class. At the same time, the quarrel between 70s, 80s and 90s. Expand campaign visibility.

fifth, the first round, the winning promotion of the baby. At the same time voting, baby votes, meet the semi-finals.

sixth, the semi-finals, intends to launch more representative key baby, cultivate fans, copy and mining player life and experience.

Seventh step

players show various activities, floats and Party etc.. Photography competition.

the eighth step, the final, published online poll. End, late baby show, etc..

five, event notes

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