Starbucks in the coffee industry the other side you don’t know

Starbucks has been a leader in the field of coffee, coffee shops to become the object of learning. But what Starbucks describes is not necessarily true. Below from the crowd positioning, positioning and other aspects of the service to unlock the true face of Starbucks.


Starbucks crowd positioning: said a set of

Starbucks consumer group in the delineation of white-collar groups.

note that in the positioning of Starbucks in China, white-collar workers is a state, rather than identity. Urban white-collar workers had quite a group of young artists, but also the coffee shop heavy consumers, but Starbucks will not put their positioning on the "literary youth" in this state, although they have a large probability is the same person. Why say so, please be patient.

talking about the coffee shop, the Chinese people’s minds are the sun in the afternoon, the back of a comfortable chair, with a cup of coffee, you are filled with the aroma of fresh coffee beans in the house to kill time.

therefore, the average coffee shop tends to choose a quiet place, even in the hot spots will also choose the corner location. Starbucks favors District, office buildings, shopping malls, usually in a conspicuous place lively, even not taboo street. Popular landmarks is a typical area of white-collar workers, a prominent position so that they do not have to spend too much time to reach the store immediately.

Starbucks bright white facade is also one of the reasons why it is easier to be discovered. The brand with green and white collocation colors, is simple and natural, abandon the complicated decoration ideas actually cater to urban white-collar grade, in a clean and efficient office without molimen. This makes Starbucks a little less "cafe" feeling, more like a convenient, fast coffee shop, but it is also an important difference with other coffee shop.

Why does

want to do this?

market demand for coffee is divided into two kinds. One is the leisure and relaxation of the life scene, and the other is the demand of the working scene. The white-collar workers need a coffee shop at work, the distance at any time up, provide good quality coffee, can work in the busy rest can be slightly in the gap.

we see in China, Starbucks, apparently are to meet the needs of the work scene, but this is not the first positioning Starbucks.

at the end of 1980s, Howard · Schultz convened a group of investors to buy Starbucks, and the American sociologist ray · aldeburgh words, to put the Starbucks positioning for the "third space" — in addition to the office with the family, you can also go to Starbucks to kill time. This concept is full of Italy style quickly conquered the majority of U.S. consumers, we gradually get used to Starbucks coffee, rather than making at home. This allows Starbucks to expand rapidly, not only in the United States, but also gradually layout of the world. 1992 >

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