Network investment will go where

use of the network fast, convenient, wide coverage and other advantages, the rapid spread of the traditional investment in the network, but also in the field of online merchants quickly created a lot of wealth myth. This seemingly simple website, to win over a large part of investment projects, by focusing on the modes of propaganda, the rapid concentration of wealth, no annual income in this seemingly insignificant industry to calculate million websites.

website is actually a very simple business model. This website is actually an advertisement distribution platform, for example, a product advertising investment alone, advertising is undoubtedly a prodigious cost, for many features, but enough financial strength of enterprises, the urgent need to attract more investors, but limited to the shortage of funds, this information not well communicated to investors. The birth of the network investment platform is very good to make up for this market vacancy. By combining a large number of small businesses, focusing on their financial strength to carry out an advertising.

simply said, an enterprise a year of publicity expenses is 10 thousand, this ten thousand dollars may only in large portals on the day of the ad, and 10 such enterprises together to focus on advertising, you can put in at least 10 days of advertising, advertising the benefits multiply.

for small businesses, the network investment platform is undoubtedly the most cost-effective advertising program. Good advertising effect, can enable enterprises to quickly recover the cost of advertising. At the same time, some bad businesses have begun to look at the market, the introduction of false investment information, which is a common problem of the lack of network investment integrity.

09 years in June, CCTV exposure to such sites, affected by the impact of the loss of property investment in the tens of thousands of false investment information. Merchants joined the site also fell from full swing to the bottom. China Merchants join the integrity of the site to control the risk of becoming an industry must solve the problem.


joined the site in the unified China Merchants said of an aged person, many more flexible industrial sites such as bamboo shoots after a spring rain as the birth of the merchants. This is also to join the food, small commodities to join, cosmetics, etc.. The industry of China Merchants join the site than the comprehensive franchise website, more professional, can provide more reliable reference in guiding the venture entrepreneurs choose, while in the control of false information on investment are more stringent.

join website has started from the transformation of the traditional B2B model, evolved into a more advanced and reasonable B+B2C, one hand to ensure the site’s source of income diversification, on the other hand also let entrepreneurs have the opportunity to verify the authenticity of the product project.

join the site from a comprehensive platform to large single industry platform evolution has become a trend, the network investment platform more reasonable and transparent investment is the fundamental survival franchise website.

this paper is made up of Oriental cosmetics investment net

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