Alibaba first announced B2B electricity supplier market report

B2B spring is coming, this is the end of 2015 at the beginning of 2016, all people feel deeply, as a huge and complex market, few organizations are analyzed deeply on the B2B business, then the whole B2B market in the end how? B2B business development to the present situation such as


Alibaba has the largest database, China B2B trading today, a detailed report released for the first time in the B2B market, by analyzing these data, we can see the development of B2B in recent years.

market environment

1 the market downturn in external demand, export China challenged

1) there are signs of recovery in the U.S. economy, but domestic consumption is still in the doldrums. Imports for the first two quarters of 2015 were $1 trillion and 100 billion, down from a year earlier. In the past 5 years, U.S. imports fell from 19.4% to about $3.4%.

2) Russia and Brazil economic downturn. In the first 5 months of 2015, the total value of Sino US trade amounted to US $28 billion 100 million, down by 19.5% over the same period in 2015. The decline continued to expand in 2014, and in 1-11 months, the total trade volume between China and Russia was $61 billion 300 million, down by $29.3%.


2 manufacturing costs continue to rise, China’s export advantage weakened

China’s downward pressure on the economy is still large, rising labor costs, China’s manufacturing exports weakened.

1) labor costs continue to rise. According to the Ministry of human resources and social data show that in 2015 there are 28 regions raised the minimum wage, far more than the 19 in 2014, an average increase of 14%. Among them, the national minimum monthly wage is the highest in Shenzhen (2030 yuan), the minimum hourly wage is the highest in Beijing ($18.7).

2) difficulties in the transformation and upgrading of export enterprises. According to a study by the Boston consulting firm, China’s manufacturing cost advantage over the US has fallen from 14% to less than $5% in the past ten years (2004-2014).

The background of

in China downtown pressure on the economy increase, sluggish external demand, weak exports, it is of great significance to the development of the industry and the transformation of China B2B. The following will be divided into foreign and domestic trade B2B show B2B market new change and trend.

3 B2B market procurement number far more than the number of suppliers

has more than one million small and medium sized enterprises through the sale of Alibaba services hundreds of millions of small and medium enterprises buyers. As of the end of 2015, the Alibaba B2B domestic and foreign trade platform of domestic suppliers has reached millions of levels, while the domestic 10 million buyers, overseas buyers of up to 100 million, the number of buyers is far more than the number of suppliers, the development potential of B2B market.


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