How to use the new idea of fun 2016 brand network marketing

Internet plus era, changing the form of network marketing, brand marketing trend in 2016 will be what kind of attitude? How to make the brand in the competition in talent shows itself, Liu Yuhan believes that the use of the Internet and Xianshengduoren? Technology continue to dig deep into the content and strong expressive force, is an important adjustment oriented brand marketing plan 2016.

Internet technology allows the audience to experience more gameplay

in the face of social communication strong interaction, such as brand WeChat, only the basic functions of the existing social fun platform, communication is extremely limited. Content gradually no appeal, no one to see, share forwarding more out of the question; the user experience on the platform is not fresh, exciting, it will gradually cancel attention. Now the audience is more suited to the scene and fragmentation of the spread and experience, play a new pattern on the battlefield of the battlefield at any time, the need for strategy, mind, but also the need for innovative technology support. For example, these are based on the WeChat platform and hundreds of millions of audience creative form, so that the brand is more likely to capture the hearts of consumers.


Facebook recently because of a 360 degree panoramic video Dalton, shocking the world of technology and advertising people’s attention, triggered a stampede in major advertisers. It is where sacred? 360 degree panoramic video through the image information of professional camera to capture the whole scene, the use of software for image mosaic, and play with a special player, the photos and computer graph into a 360 degree panoramic landscape. And to provide a variety of images to manipulate the image of the function, you can zoom in and out, moving in all directions to watch the scene, in order to achieve the effect of simulation and reproduction of the real environment of the scene.


mobile Internet era is the rapid development, the future mobile phone payment may replace cash payment, what is impossible? Mobile platform is the audience handheld toy brands to interact with the audience, suck the eye, you must grasp the psychological characteristics of mobile phone of the party, following the development of mobile Internet technology speed, improve the user experience of hand".

content optimization in the new media to enhance the content of the marketing

content marketing is always the main carrier, but the content and ideas to continuous innovation, can influence the perception of consumer decision-making in changing, has the initiative in the transformation of marketing. New media, new technology is fun, and continuously strengthen the process of content appeal. From the official WeChat, WeChat content we constantly upgrading the graphic combination instead of the network language instead of a long and minute statement, new words teaching centered and focus bold amplification of irregular layout, instead of the left…… This is only the most basic adjustments, the audience will not meet. In the future there will be more forms to show.

but pay attention to the content of the brand is the focus of marketing and advertising stories fit, and the carrier of the contract

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